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Shotgun with Super Card-Buster Barrel and Cutts compensator
Target pattern shot by shotgun above
Mossberg shotgun with Cutts compensator and Super Card-buster barrel. Below it is sight-in target shot with this gun at 100 feet. The square drawn around the main pattern is 4 by 4 inches and contains 116 holes!

While Bill's Accuracy Shop primarily specializes in accurate rifles, we also work with shotguns used in "card" or "turkey" shooting competitions. Again, our emphasis is on the best accuracy possible.

Turkey shooting isn't the same as turkey hunting, though the two are related. In modern competition format, shotguns are shot from 100 feet at a paper target, usually a 4-inch square (the "card") or the outline of a turkey head, and the number of holes in the target resulting from a single shot are counted. This is a test of both the shooter and the shotgun: the shooter has to keep on target over the entire course of the match, and of course the tighter and more uniform the choke, the better the shot will keep together as it flies toward the target.

One way of helping the shooter do his part is to lessen recoil. We offer installation of various recoil-reduction devices like Cutts compensators, buttstock recoil pads, and even inertial recoil reducers (though in truth these do little for shotguns besides add weight and are better suited to large-caliber rifles). Cutts and similar compensators are the most effective way of reducing felt recoil.

One standard way of measuring shotgun choke is by shooting it and seeing what percentage of #6 shot it puts into a 40-inch circle at 100 feet. A barrel choked "Full" will put 70% into a 40-inch circle; one choked "Modified", 60%; and one "Improved Cylinder", 50%. Recently, some "Extra-Full" choked barrels have been made available that can put upwards of 80% into a 40-inch circle. But what do you call a barrel that can put 98-99 % of the shot into a a 40-inch circle, and 95% into a 12-inch circle? We call them "Card-busters".

These special barrels are chamber cut to the tightest tolerences and are designed to produce the closest possible pattern at 100 feet. We typically make them for 2.75-inch shells but can make them for 3-inch if needed. They can be used with any lead shot; the size and kind doesn't seem to matter. (They aren't suitable for steel shot but can be used with bismuth shot for things like goose hunting.) They've proved to be consistent winners in turkey shoots ... and of course are also quite suitable for turkey hunting.

We have Super Card-buster barrels immediately available for Remington 870 and Mossberg shotguns, or if you prefer, we can install our Card-buster choke system on most shotguns with removable single barrels. Our standard prices for these and other shotgun modifications are listed under Prices and Services. If you don't see what you need there or want more info, feel free to contact us.

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